noodtoonist (loxieandzoot) wrote,

Prudes & Prejudice finishes...

...and so ends the current storyline! Thanks for reading... like a lot of my stories it went off in directions I never quite expected! It seems to have taken a looong time to tell this one, even though I never took any lengthy breaks (apart from a few weeks here and there). Apparently the first page went online on July 20, 2009... so it took over 21 months to work through 90 pages. I really hope you enjoyed them... maybe a going back to the start and giving it a second read through might help with the overall appreciation (or not) of the story (it starts here!). A number of people have commented that this has been one of their favourite stories - possibly due to the nude activism themes rather than the romance angle I saddled it with. Generally though it has generated much less comment from readers than previous stories so I don't know if that reflects a low level of interest or not. Annnyway... phew! It's always a relief to get something like this finished and 90 pages is a lot of pages. Comments and feedback about the comic welcome.

Next update: With P&P out of the way I'm taking a lengthy break to recharge my creative batteries. I probably should have done it sooner but I really wanted to finish the story for once before going on hiatus. I still have plenty of stories to tell with the folks of the Koala Bares but really need to not have the self-imposed weekly deadline of another The Bare Pit page hanging over me for a while. Also, some of you may have noticed the site is somewhat broken - notably navigation and the forum, so it's time to find a new home and I'll be using the hiatus to sort out those issues. At his stage I'm thinking three, maybe four months. I'll let you know as soon as I've sorted things out. Thanks for reading!

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